The first permissionless collector DAO in history.


Bringing unprecedented evolution and innovation in ownership, curation, and custody.


ParticleDAO is the first permissionless collector DAO in history. The Particle ecosystem has untied the Gordian knot of decentralized ownership. ParticleDAO makes anyone anywhere a collector. Particle brings unprecedented evolution and innovation in ownership, curation, and custody.

A DAO, or a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, is a group of like-minded individuals who coordinate actions and decisions through democratic processes – often through smart contracts. Collector DAOs are DAOs specifically organized to pool resources in order to purchase and co-own valuable assets. Collector DAOs, however, have often been limited in the types of items they can own and their governance. The Particle ecosystem changes this.

Particle empowers both individuals and creators by giving the everyday art enthusiast the same access that has historically been reserved for a select few. Creators and emerging artists are put on a level playing field where their work can be recognized, appreciated, and owned by anyone and anywhere. Individuals can get access to artists and artworks that have historically been inaccessible. Particle is bringing about a democratic art ownership revolution.


Sandro Botticelli
Spring (detail), 1480 c.

Our beliefs

OUR MISSION is to buy, share, safe keep, and govern humanity's works of art.

OUR VISION is to leverage technology to radically change the way people own, collect, experience, and ultimately enjoy art.

Particle Ecosystem

Synergy of High-end Technology platforms, Custody Services, and DAO Community.


Museum Curation Process

The Particle Museum is governed by the community and operates as follows:

Step 1: Source

The community sources promising artists and works of art.

Step 2: Curate

The community via the DAO acquires art pieces to be added to the museum.

Step 3: Fractionalize

New additions are fractionalized and dispersed to the community to be used as governance tokens over the future of that art.

Step 4: Custody

The physical works of art are placed in a foundation for safe custody

Step 5: Access

NFT holders possess privileged access to all the works of art in the museum.

Step 6: Own

The community possesses the sole privilege of retaining or reselling its artwork.


This undertaking represents distinct innovations in law, technology, and governance. Permissionless physical ownership is the next evolution of DAO capabilities and ParticleDAO exists at the bleeding edge of that innovation.


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